Apartment rental by the day

Advantages of rent by the day

Apartment rental by the day has both advantages and drawbacks, good sides and downsides. However, the pitfalls can be avoided provided one knows what they are. By contrast, the advantages of short-term apartment rental always remain unchanged, that is, if you deal with a large company who works legally and check that all the nuances connected with the documents are respected.

Advantage 1: higher comfort level. Of course, one can consider a presidential suite at an expensive hotel or a mini-hotel designed specifically for businesspeople and containing all the latest technical innovations. But frankly, can you afford a suite like that? And do you need all the frills that a presidential suite offers? An important downside of the hotel room market is an almost complete lack of rooms of the upper-middle category: not everyone likes having to choose between premium and economy class. Any apartment for rent by the day is a combination of a high level of comfort and quite affordable prices. Besides, the longer you stay in the apartment, the less the rent is!

Advantage 2: wide variety. By variety here we mean location: apartment for rent by the day are located in a wide range of city districts while hotels are mostly in the center where the rent is higher and crowds are bigger. Not everyone is likes being immersed in the whirlpool of tourists. You need an apartment in a green zone? We can pick exactly what you need! But if you are looking for a hotel room in a green suburb, there isn't much we can do for you.

Advantage 3: floor area. Compare a hotel room for four and an apartment for rent by the day for four persons of approximately the same comfort category. What makes this comparison almost impossible is that the former will be much more expensive than the latter. Even if we compare only square meters and forget about the rent, one can see that even a one-bedroom apartment is larger than a standard hotel room, which is good news!

Advantage 4: independence. In particular, you don't depend on the working hours and menu of the restaurant because you have your own kitchen furnished and equipped with all the necessary utensils. You are free to buy food you are used to, turn on the music, put on your comfy clothes and start cooking. Which brings us to...

Advantage 5: home-like feel. This is an important factor and will be especially appreciated by those who make a lot of business trips to other cities and spend months away from home. It is hard to constantly live in impersonal, formal surroundings with nothing to look at. An apartment for rent by the day can offer more than just comfort – it can give you a warm home-like feel and the smell of fresh coffee instead of a standard hotel aromatizer, which is the same both in the room and in the hall.

Advantage 6: confidentiality. Of course, we cannot sign an agreement with you without checking your documents, in order to verify your identity. But once you are in your apartment you have the right not to meet, or socialize with or even see anyone. In a hotel you are doomed to see your neighbors regularly, in the hall and in the restaurant.

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