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Apartments for rent by the day: categories of comfort

Apartments for rent by the day fall into different categories. That's why we say that this type of accommodation is similar to hotels. Everyone knows that when choosing a hotel, one of the decisive factors is star rating. Rented apartments have their categories too! These are not exactly stars, but something that will tell you about the class a specific apartment belongs to.

Yes, there should be some kind of designation. But so far it hasn't been developed. The only thing that experts have come up with is a class system for rented apartments: every one of them belongs to one of four comfort classes and has everything that the class requires. On one hand, this can be somewhat inconvenient. On the other hand, rented apartments market is valued for its variety and overlapping categories will inevitably lead to a wide range of services and prices, where everybody can make their individual choice.

Economy class

As elsewhere, serviced apartments market has economy class apartments – a good combination of short-term rental quality and low price. These apartments are a good choice for those who want to tour a foreign city in two or three days. That means they will only stay in the apartment for the night! But this is by no means to say that in an economy class apartment you'll be faced with "extreme economy".

Features of an economy class apartment:
- renovation mandatory. No amount of cleaning can yield the same result so you can always tell if there has been a renovation;
- all the necessary furniture – not just a bed and a dinner table: bed places, a wardrobe, a cupboard, drawer units in the kitchen… The only nuance is that pieces of furniture will most probably not match and belong to different furniture sets;
- all the necessary household appliances – cooking range, refrigerator, kettle, hair dryer, possibly a coffee machine, a toaster and a microwave oven. In most cases, apartments for rent by the day have washing machines as well;
- all the necessary kitchenware and cutlery– for cooking and taking meals.

Standard class

While economy class has no equivalent star rating, standard class apartments correspond to the "3 stars" or "3 stars plus" level. They differ from economy class apartments accordingly.

Features of an economy class apartment:
- renovation mandatory;
- complete furniture set mandatory;
- household appliances mandatory, including a TV set, a microwave oven and a washing machine;
- increased floor area: standard class apartments simply can't mean cramped settings.

Business class

This class of apartments for rent by the day is equivalent to "4 stars" or "4 stars plus" hotel ratings. Therefore, a simple home improvement is replaced by complete European-style renovation, and instead of good furniture think of a new furniture set, with furniture pieces not just matching each other but also selected to match the apartment style. Yes, this means that the apartment is furnished and decorated according to certain interior style, modern or classical…

The living room in business class apartments (or any other spare room) is often designed not only for you to spend your free time there but also to be used for informal business meetings.

Features of an economy class apartment:
- modern plumbing equipment by world's leading manufacturers;
- only modern appliances – household, audio- and video;
- Internet connection (wireless or through a cable but always unlimited) and a computer for work;
- safe house entrance with a concierge, doubled-up apartment door.

Elite apartments

An elite apartment will have everything that corresponds to "5 stars" or "5 stars plus" hotel ratings (including some features of club hotels and additional pluses in the rating). They are often quite different from one another because the interior there is authored by a designer, sometimes a renowned one. But the view from the apartment windows will be pretty much the same due to the fact that most elite apartments face architectural monuments or water areas, depending on the city.

Features of an elite apartment:
- European-style renovation;
- the list of appliances always includes air conditioner, satellite TV, dish washer and high-speed Internet connection;
- always a concierge at the entrance as well as video surveillance and 24-hour security service;
- adjacent territory matches elite apartment class: guarded, enclosed, always with a parking lot or a covered underground parking area.


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