Apartment rental by the day

Serviced apartment or a hotel room?

You probably haven't faced this choice yet. The reason is simple: you don't have enough information about apartments for rent by the day. But currently there is plenty to learn about this market segment and a comparison between serviced apartments and hotel rooms is more than appropriate. Before taking the trip, it definitely makes sense to try to get a full picture and find out what benefits and disadvantages both options have.

Staying in a hotel: sugar substitute

Well, it's definitely not sugar. But to be objective, hotels have their advantages too, and they are crucial to some people. Let's focus on them first.

+ in a hotel you can forget about cooking. This is especially appreciated by women wishing to break free from the sacrosanct role of a housewife – albeit for the time of the holiday – and recall to life the role of an attractive lady, which is just as sacrosanct. Large hotels always have restaurants (as well as cafes, bars and taverns with various types of cuisine); mini hotels, too, have cafes and small restaurants nearby so you definitely won't be starving.
+ a hotel always has security personnel, so if security is a concern for you, you will appreciate that. First of all, hotels are not open for anyone who wants to enter them and even if they do enter, they won't get beyond the reception desk. Secondly, there are often security guards on every floor. And thirdly, surveillance cameras help maintain order. In other words, in terms of safety and security, you will be living in clover.
+ some hotels have their own business centers, which are absolutely necessary if you are taking a business trip. Unfortunately, not all serviced apartments boast unlimited Internet access, let alone office equipment. By contrast, business centers have printers, scanners, copiers, laminators, computers with Internet connection or simply wireless Internet access for those who travel with their laptops.
+ in addition, large hotels often have fitness centers, beauty parlors, souvenir shops, entertainment centers and night clubs. Of course, these can be found in the city but are you ready to spend your time looking for them?

Hotels have downsides too

- everywhere – in the corridor, in the elevators, in the hall and in the restaurant – you will be seeing ever-changing crowds of strangers. And you'll be looked at as well. Some of them will even make attempts to get acquainted with you. This is not acceptable for people who want to have a rest somewhere quiet or try to protect their confidentiality.
- hotel accommodation is both expensive and in short supply. These two characteristics seem to be mutually exclusive: there is no point in paying extra for an expensive service while it can be simply ignored and thus made cheaper. But practice shows that the opposite is true. Most people don't see an alternative to hotel accommodation and have no choice but to stay in a hotel. This is why vacant hotel rooms are scarce, especially during the high season, and need to be booked well in advance. Otherwise the trip itself may be under threat.
- in a hotel you can't do simple things like having a cup of coffee or a sandwich. First of all, it is normally not allowed to drink or eat or keep food products in hotel rooms. Secondly, there are no necessary kitchen appliances, which makes it impossible to make tea or coffee.
- in a hotel you won't be able to bring your good old friends or new acquaintances to your room. You can meet them outside your hotel and invite them to your room but if they have no papers with them, it won't work. Staying with you for the night is not an option even if they have all the necessary ID documents: after 11 pm they will be kindly (or not quite so) asked to leave the hotel until next morning.

Apartments for rent by the day: sugar

This option is good for those who are not keeping a diet, are not diabetic and generally speaking for those who like it sweet. Saying that renting apartments by the day has both good sides and downsides and isn't everybody's cup of tea.

+ the owners of serviced apartments don't change as often as hotel owners do, which is why the interior and the entire atmosphere is not so stereotypical there. Besides, every apartment has its owner who has furnished it according to a certain taste that is different from a standard hotel interior.
+ in a rented serviced apartment it's you who rule the roost: you can eat whatever you like, make coffee whenever you like, have a smoke in any room, watch TV, listen to music… In other words, you can feel at home keeping in mind you are a guest and too much partying can cost you a fine. Breaking furniture and making noise after 11 pm is prohibited in order to avoid trouble with the neighbors.
+ speaking of neighbors: they can't be eliminated altogether of course, but if you need to stay incognito, you can easily avoid meeting them on the staircase.
+ you can bring any number of guests to your rented apartment, at any time of day. The rule that applies here has already been stated above: stay civilized and don't cause trouble to your neighbors.
+ apartments for rent by the day are located in various parts of the city while hotels are mostly in the city center. This means that geographically you can choose any place you are interested in without being confined to the city center.
+ apartments for rent by vary greatly in price. But in any case you will have your own bathroom, a kitchen with furniture and household appliances while a cheap hotel room can sometimes mean just a bed and a shared shower on the floor.

Two words about disadvantages.

- security level is lower in serviced apartments. Of course, accommodation providers try to offer apartments only in houses with entry phones, metal and plastic windows and always with doubled-up entrance doors. But not all houses have a concierge desk and a magnetic lock can be easily opened by four men (this has been proven through practice).
- it is not always that a car parking area is available near your apartment while most hotels have parking lots.

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